UCSD Student Begins New TikTok Gym Trend: ‘Deathmaxxing’

Written by: Aaron Sonin

UC San Diego student Jim Borough has found himself at the center of a new workout trend taking TikTok by storm, dubbed “Deathmaxxing,” which began with …


UCSD Buys Seaworld to Expand SIO Research

Written by: Alberto Ruiz

On Tuesday, the Regents of the University of California allowed UC San Diego to buy the SeaWorld theme park for a price of $200 million to …


MTS Exclusive Offer Was Available October 1–30 ONLY

Written by: Amit Roth

For the fall season, MTS held a monthlong promotion where bus riders received a certain amount of points based on how far they commuted. Points were …


UCSD to Convert Individual Parking Spaces Into ‘Housing Solutions’

Written by: Dylan Schmidt

“When I came back from my 8 a.m. class, some asshole had parked his Prius in my living room,” complained one resident.Photo by Amit Roth UC …


Australia Loses War to Emus Again

Written by: Dylan Towner

The Australian military has reported that their second crusade against the emus has failed. Following their defeat at the hands of the birds in the 1932 …


Conan O’Brien Returns as Sixth College’s Namesake

Written by: Janice Kim

The Conan O’Fryin barbecue began with a Cannon O’Brien 21-gun salute.Photo by Amit Roth After more than 21 years of sticking “passive-aggressive” Post-it Notes to their …


Red Angels Drum Corps Raises Member Fees

Written by: Farhad Taraporevala

For the fifth year in a row, the Red Angels Drum Corps has raised its member fees, this time to a record-setting $11,283 for the 2024 …


2,300 Waitlisted Students to Be Housed in Open Pit on RIMAC Field

Written by: Ava D'Amore

“I was born in the darkness. You were merely assigned it as a freshman,” said one fourth-year student.Photo by Amit Roth Earlier this week, it was …


UCSD Introduces Temu’s ‘Just Walk In’ Technology After Issues Arise With Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’

Written by: Erin Yao

“It’s supposed to be ‘walk in,’ not ‘drag out,’” said one customer.Photo by Julia Wong Starting this fall, UC San Diego  introduced a new way to …


San Diego Named Least Expensive City to Live in the U.S.

Written by: Kaz Nuckowski

Following a rapid decline in rent prices, San Diego fell off of the U.S. News & World Report’s list of most expensive places to live in …