Biden Delivers Unique State of the Union


Written by: Farhad Taraporevala

In order to draw viewers into watching his State of the Union Address, President Biden introduced several changes to the way he delivered the speech. To increase the speech’s relevance to all generations of voters, the president divided his address into three portions, each aimed at a different age group. One section was delivered as normal, one featured Biden juggling and doing various circus tricks, and in the last, Biden sang his address with K-pop group NewJeans. “I just wanted everyone to listen to my last State of the Union Address,” said Biden. “I remember when I was a young boy, we would get the day off from school or work, and gather around the town radio to tune in. It was the most important event of the month, and we all looked forward to it. I wanted to recapture that magic for the newer generations, and I think I did an amazing job, except for the incident.”

“I was glued to my screen after the incident,” said 33-year-old Kirk Sol Aeigh. “It was so inspirational watching Biden continue to dance and sing his heart out after he chopped his arm off trying to juggle those knives. Too bad the Secret Service agents weren’t able to wrestle the limb away from Commander, but at least it made Biden a bit more interesting.”

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