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Price Center Plaza Looks So Good Now! vs Nothing Has Changed

Written by: Connor Betterly

Point: Price Center Plaza Looks So Good Now! Price Center Plaza looks so good now! I love all the construction they are doing. It truly makes …


Allowing You to Ride Me for Free Doesn’t Mean I Want Your Sweaty Hands and Feet

Written by: Jessica Wang

Human students of UC San Diego, we have decided it is time for us elevators to rise to the occasion. We opened our doors to kindness, …


My Study Abroad Experience Changed My Life and You’re Going to Hear About It Whether You Want to or Not

Written by: Madeline Mozafari

How was my summer? Oh, just incredible! I lived in Italy for two whole months. Yeah, it was a really formative experience. I was in a …


More Wildfires Are Actually Great for Me

Written by: James Woolley

Okay, fine. I admit it. After watching my favorite vacation home go up in flames, there is no denying that climate change is real. Hopefully the …


We Have All Been Afflicted With a Curse

Written by: Katie Campbell

Fellow youths, I bring horrible, world-ending news. Our university — nay, our universe itself has been afflicted with a terrible curse. It is the most vile, …


Grades Inflate, Society Crumbles

Written by: Everett Ririe

In the storied history of education there has been but one constant: the strong pass and the weak fail. Educators from Socrates to Dennis Prager have …

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How to Always Win Your Fantasy Football League

Written by: Farhad Taraporevala

It’s a tale as old as time. September rolls around and your friends or colleagues invite you to join their fantasy football league. There’s just one …


Why Can’t I Find a Relationship

Written by: Alberto Ruiz

Things were looking up for me this summer. I hit the sweet seven-inch growth spurt every man in his early 20s yearns for, my socially debilitating …

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Bacteria Don’t Deserve to Be Experimented On vs They’re Not Fucking Animals

Written by: Millie You

Point: Bacteria Don’t Deserve to Be Experimented On While PETA has devoted no small amount of time and effort to advocate for the rights of animals …

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I Love Having Classes in Pepper Canyon vs ACHOO!

Written by: Amit Roth

Point: I Love Having Classes in Pepper Canyon My first year, I didn’t appreciate east campus. But after soliciting each location on campus, the area between …