2023-2024 Staff

These were hot off the presses earlier, we swear!Tuesdays, 6 p.m., Half Dome Lounge.

Staff Members

Tyee Arey

Kita Barrientos

Sarah Callahan

Mac Carroll

Supriyaa Chordia

Shayna Crasnick

Emily Cronan

Ava D’Amore

Destiney Friday

Atlas Gill

Lucas Grimwade

Bitsy Hsu

Cole Johnson

Elise Jonas-Delson

Trevor Krumrey

Marielle Lazaro

Isabelle McKelvey

Naomika Nadkarni

Kai Nguyen

Rumi Petersen

Cassie Pheiffer

Samuel Ramirez

Pranav Reddy

Maddie Samaniego

Olivia Scarborough

Taggert Smith

Shane Steinman

Victoria Ta

Mackenzey Tolliver

Jessica Wang

Jordan Whitlow

Justin Xu

Erin Yao

Karina Yu

Chris Zhang

Sylvia Terry

Liz Overton

Editor in Chief’s Note

Once upon a time, there was a sleepy kingdom in the clouds called Mariposa Room, populated entirely by the eepiest beepiest princesses in all the land. Reaching the Mariposa Room was known to be treacherous, and travelers were forced to face many dangers along the way, such as slightly uneven pavements, pizza burns, and even the monstrous creature of legend: the Balldosaurus. But if they manage to survive their journey, prophecies speak of incredible gifts to be bestowed upon the travelers, like a good night’s sleep, Monday midterms, and a fresh issue of The Muir Quarterly. Goodnight!

– James Woolley, Editor-in-Chief

Booster Club

We tried to commission Polyamorous Eminem to write a beautiful rap about our editors and staff writers who supported this production, but he drank too much Bacchus-D and fell asleep. Now he’s just mumbling about Graggle Simpson while he snores, so here are our notes for Polyamorous Eminem when he wakes up:

  • Katie, Jerry, Alberto, and Kai would explode if you wrote about penis attitude
  • It would be fun for James, Kaz, and Madeline to just grab a boob
  • When Aaron says he has allergies, he actually does
  • Jordan, Julia, Farhad, Connor, and Big D pack a punch like CapriSun
  • Janice, Lil’ D, Amit, Abby, and Erica are creatures from the Black Lagoon who would reach up and smack the moon

— Farhad Taraporevala and Kaz Nuckowski, Managing Editors

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