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Satire that’s never scarier than the truth. Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Half Dome Lounge.

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Editor in Chief’s Note

Happy birthday The MQ! I don’t like generic birthday cards, so let me recall some mildly funny inside jokes to fill the space. Remember when we first learned about the Human Milk Institute? That was so funny. Or when we accidentally invented German while trying to learn Swedish? I also really loved that time we put our creativity to use and contemplated the implications of a ball pit. I thought it was cool how telepathic we were this time around (it seems like microplastics and Leonardo DiCaprio are in the air this holiday season!). I think my favorite part was when we made a nice, cozy bowl of Quaker chastity oats. Anyway, we’re a year older, and perhaps even a year wiser. I love you.

– Sharon Roth

Booster Club

I think everybody knows what day it is or what day it was depending on when you are reading this. It’s our BIRTHDAY. On November 28, 1988, we were birthed into this world and forever changed it. We’re 34 years young. We’re not exactly sure what effect we’ve had, but it must’ve been something right? I know there is at least one IKEA ball pit in the greater Montana area that enjoyed our presence. Well anyways, we had this duper cool birthday party, and sadly you all couldn’t come, and our mom said that we could only invite 10 people anyway. The people we invited were: Farhad, Jacob, Madeline, James, Kaz, Sharon, Everett, Connor, Tag, and Matthew.

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