2023-2024 Staff

Serving as evidence in divorce court since 1988.Tuesdays, 6 p.m., Half Dome Lounge.

Staff Members

Sydney Alexander

Tyee Arey

Beth Becker

Kita Barrientos

Wesley Bantugan

Sarah Callahan

Mac Carroll

Supriyaa Chordia

Shayna Crasnick

Jackson Conte

Emily Cronan

Ava D’Amore

Natalie DiMeo

Gavriel Feria

Atlas Gill

Lucas Grimwade

Bitsy Hsu

Elise Jonas-Delson

Trevor Krumrey

Marielle Lazaro

Arul Mathur

Isabelle McKelvey

Liz Overton

Rumi Petersen

Cassie Pheiffer

Samuel Ramirez

Pranav Reddy

Sharon Roth

Maddie Samaniego

Olivia Scarborough

Taggert Smith

Shane Steinman

Victoria Ta

Mackenzey Tolliver

Jessica Wang

Erin Yao

Millie You

Karina Yu

Chris Zhang

Editor in Chief’s Note

I wish we could’ve ended the year on a better note, but because we are in the incredibly privileged position of having a platform upon which to speak out, the Editorial Board felt it important to make a statement in solidarity with our fellow students. We can only theorize about the reasoning behind decisions made by the administration on May 6, so we did have to fill in some gaps when writing about their rationale. All other events depicted in our front page article actually occurred. Students were beaten, detained, and subsequently arrested on Library Walk in an unannounced raid on the peaceful Gaza Solidarity Encampment. The Editorial Board strongly condemns the actions of the administration on May 6 and stands with all affected. Thank you readers for reading the newspaper. Thank you readers for giving us the platform from which we can make a statement. And as I get ready to graduate and leave you behind, thank you, The MQ, for making this place just a little better for all of us.
All my love,

– James Woolley, Editor-in-Chief

Booster Club

This year, the MQ family grew in ways we never thought possible. The twins, Dylan S. and Dylan T., took their first steps. Naomika, Cole, Annelise, Jordan, Abby, Erica, Olga, and Janice said their first words: “Capacitance is measured in Farads” — what smart kids! Alberto, Amit, and Madeline celebrated their 50th birthdays, just 50 days apart! Sadly, James, Aaron, Jack, Jerry, Connor, Kaz, Andrew, Robin, Jacob, and Aniela died. They will be missed sorely. Farhad ascended to immortality. All in all, it was a year for the MQ family, and I look forward to what the future has in store for us all.

— Farhad Taraporevala and Kaz Nuckowski, Managing Editors

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