Editors of The MQ



Sharon Roth

(Middle Child Initiating Kermit Metamorphosis)

Managing Editor

Jacob King

(Wise and Windswept)

Department of Content

Content Editors

Isabelle Mckelvey
(Head Content Editor)

Theo Erickson
(Content Editor)

Everett Ririe
(Content Editor)

James Woolley
(Ass. Content Editor)

Department of Graphics

Graphics Editors

Maria Dhilla
(Right on track to become your boss)

Julia Wong
(Southern hemisphere burrito enjoyer)

Millie You
(A limp noodle)

Department of Design

Design Editors

Taggert Smith

Deparment of Copy

Copy Editors

Kaz Nuckowski
(Copy Magistrate)

Connor Betterly
(Copy Commander)

Katie Campbell
(Copy Conjurer)

Department of Distribution

Distribution Editors

Matthew Ware
(Distro Sergeant)

Department of Social/Publicity

Social/Publicity Queen

Madeline Mozafari
(Cower before the Queen)

Department of Web


Jerry Wu
(Damsel in Distress)

Jeannie Kim
(Duckling Safety Expert)

Aaron Sonin
(Resident Catboy)

Muir Advisor

Mario Garibay

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