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Anyone Who Has Ever Had a Drop of Alcohol Is Going Straight to Hell vs It’s Not Alcoholism if You’re in College

Written by: Erica Rosslee

POINT: Anyone Who Has Ever Had a Drop of Alcohol Is Going Straight to Hell You children these days are all fools. You lot are always …


UCSD Announces Plan to Become Carbon Neutral

Written by: Erica Rosslee

“The warmth of Chancellor Khosla’s new car is enough for all of Sixth College,” said one student.Photo by Julia Wong In order to become carbon neutral, …


Humans Declared Critically Endangered by ‘Guy Who Can’t Get Laid’

Written by: Erica Rosslee

An intern for the Environmental Protection Agency recently declared humans an endangered species on the agency’s X account. The post was quickly retracted by the intern’s …

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Ask Emily Queue: Eco-Friendly Halloween

Written by: Sylvia Terry, Katie Campbell, The MQ, Erica Rosslee and Janice Kim

Dear Emily Queue, how soon can I start stealing other people’s Jack-o’-lanterns to compost? Is this really where we’re at? This is basic etiquette, people. As …


 Dianne Feinstein Ruled ‘Fit for Office’ After Death

Written by: Erica Rosslee

“Why bring in new blood when you can have old blood?” asked Jefferson.Photo by Millie You In response to criticism of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s decisions …