IRS Debuts ‘Ultimate’ Form


Written by: Liv Gilbert

Responding to mounting criticisms of the American tax system, the Internal Revenue Service announced the release of Form One: a single unified form that will be used for all tax purposes beginning 2025. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel posted a 72-hour tutorial on Insta­gram showing how to use the new 1,076-page form.

“Gone are the days of the Kafkaesque three pages of the W-2,” Werfel said. “First, print Form One in color. Shuffle the pages, then staple on the bottom right for security purposes. All pages divisible by four, except those divisible by 200, but including page 1,000, have an additional ‘Leap Box’ that you must check to show you’re paying attention. If your yearly income is even, leave out boxes Ψ through ʔ. If you applied for college in the last 10 years, handwrite a copy of your personal statement on page 920. To deduct a charitable donation, glue in a copy of last year’s 1040 or 8283 and just fill that out.”

At the end of the video, an almost-asleep Werfel showed how to submit the form, noting that it must be placed in a padded envelope with a forgery of both parents’ signatures written on it.

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