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IRS Debuts ‘Ultimate’ Form

Written by: Liv Gilbert

Responding to mounting criticisms of the American tax system, the Internal Revenue Service announced the release of Form One: a single unified form that will be …


Disney Copyrights ‘Everything’

Written by: Liv Gilbert

“I think these copyright laws are really Goofy… I mean silly!” said Benson Honeydid.Photo by Julia Wong Following the recent introduction of the classic Disney short …


Associated Students Pledges to Fund Federal Government in Case of Shutdown

Written by: Liv Gilbert

“I knew there was a reason we had all those CIA recruiters here,” said one third-year student.Photo by Millie You In the wake of ousting Kevin …


RIMAC to Replace All Dumbbells With Shake Weights

Written by: Liv Gilbert

“These weights may suck, but at least I can make a protein shake with them,” said Jim Ratt.Photo by Millie You UC San Diego Recreation announced …

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We Should Respectfully Ask HDH to Charge Less for Food vs Hop In Comrade, We’re Seizing the Means of Production

Written by: Liv Gilbert

Point: We Should Respectfully Ask HDH to Charge Less for Food Look, I know that we’re all getting annoyed at the fact that HDH always seems …

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Pop Cult

Written by: Amit Roth, Liv Gilbert, Maddie Samaniego, Connor Betterly, Romella Sagatelian and Supriyaa Chordia

Heads up – this feature is from our special Cosmopolitan issue. As such, it may not come across as it was originally meant to in print. …


Third-Year Math Major Forgets How to Spell Numbers

Written by: Liv Gilbert

“Why can’t I just use the letter ‘x’ to represent every number I have to spell? That would be so much easier,” remarked Calculus.Photo by Julia …


Organic Chemistry Is Made Up

Written by: Madeline Mozafari and Liv Gilbert

I simply cannot do it anymore. I cannot suspend my belief in the way of the world and pretend that I understand what the hell an …


China Claims Balloon originated from “Large Birthday Party”

Written by: Liv Gilbert

Last weekend, the United States military shot down a balloon suspected to be part of a Chinese espionage operation. When the balloon was first discovered over …


Members of Pink Floyd Lose Almost Every Brick in the Wall Following FTX Collapse

Written by: Liv Gilbert

“Hey Bankman-Fried, leave those kids alone,” said Money.Photo by Amit Roth The list of celebrities that have made public statements about losing significant amounts of wealth …