Written by: Sylvia Terry

In a bid to diversify the musical offerings of the Department of Music, Director Jenny P. Orridge has introduced a new series of concerts titled “Dive Into the Scene” that will recenter local small musicians. Orridge elaborated in the following statement: “We want to give the UC San Diego community an authentic experience that injects them into the beating heart of local music and offers a chance to support the rising artists that keep the art alive.”

In keeping with this promise, the Department of Music has unveiled an inaugural lineup of artists from across a breadth of genres and backgrounds. The first concert features More’s Beau, a noise artist who plays a blank cassette through various effects pedals to create a distinctive soundscape. Shortly thereafter, the Department of Music will sponsor Trent, a performance artist, to play wafting tunes on his acoustic guitar while sitting next to students on campus benches. To round out the month, they are bringing in Raul Julia’s Jugband Jamboree, an emo group best known for not owning any instruments. In the same announcement, Orridge concluded: “All in all, I am glad the Department of Music is able to love our neighbors without sacrificing the quality of our offerings.”

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