Written by: Madeline Mozafari

This past weekend, Daylight Saving Time was scheduled to begin, with all clocks to “spring forward” an hour. However, Americans across the country woke up this past Sunday to find their digital clocks still agreed with their analog counterparts. Business carried on as usual until yesterday, when a pair of “time-change protesters” revealed that they had manually altered the atomic clocks housed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to prevent the Daylight Saving Time shift from occurring.

The protestors, who forwarded their announcement to nearly every email address in the country, informed citizens of the states which participate in Daylight Saving Time that they “did not need to worry any longer about losing an hour of sleep, increasing their risk of heart attacks and car accidents, or feeling thrown off for months only for the time to change again right when you’ve gotten used to it.”

In response, the United States government announced, “Whatever, it’s fine. It’s not like anyone noticed. Keep on keeping on.” It is unclear whether Daylight Saving Time will be foregone this year or if the clocks will be changing again in the fall — and if they do change, whether they will be falling forward or springing back.

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