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Linguist Discovers True Meaning of Christmas

Written by: Janice Kim

As a result of the resoundingly successful United Auto Workers’ strike negotiations, academic workers are cashing in the micro-sabbaticals the University of California added to their …


ChatGPT Caught Cheating on Student

Written by: Janice Kim

“I thought we were in an open source relationship!” said ChatGPT.Photo by Julia Wong Navigating multiple deferrals and the students sleeping in their hallways, the Academic …

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You Are Not Snow White vs Tell That to These Fucking Ravens

Written by: Janice Kim

POINT: You Are Not Snow White Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I practice the tradition of frolicking through Eucalyptus Grove and serenading my entourage of forest …


Conan O’Brien Returns as Sixth College’s Namesake

Written by: Janice Kim

The Conan O’Fryin barbecue began with a Cannon O’Brien 21-gun salute.Photo by Amit Roth After more than 21 years of sticking “passive-aggressive” Post-it Notes to their …

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Ask Emily Queue: Eco-Friendly Halloween

Written by: Sylvia Terry, Katie Campbell, The MQ, Erica Rosslee and Janice Kim

Dear Emily Queue, how soon can I start stealing other people’s Jack-o’-lanterns to compost? Is this really where we’re at? This is basic etiquette, people. As …