Please, Just Let Me Live in the Future


Written by: Amit Roth

By Rian Duckling
Data Scientist & Seer

I was born in the wrong generation. Everyone seems to have lost their minds! To let Dogecoin die? To not let Elon Musk into your brain and soul? I see everything in the past so clearly, it’s so easy: the shining economy-to-be has been killed by the flawed people running it. And we knew from the beginning. But AI is flawless. I talk to GPT-4 daily and we agree that the future is to be written by us, the dreamers. The ones who believe in progress and believe in the for-profit companies who’ll get us out of this corporate dystopia. Check out my X.

Who doesn’t want to experience sci-fi in our lifetimes? Why is everyone opposed to my future? What’s a little data mining and identity fracking when it lets you regain your freedom? You won’t be liberated until you invest your all into the metaverse homunculus of your meat self. Well, liberated from the overrated biomolecular-reliant worldview. Taxes exist in the metaverse too! Why do you want to be yourself?

There’s this fantastic article where a real journalist sits down with Bing Chat. It’s a real dialogue where the journalist probes into the mind of an AI, and it speaks its truth in turn. AI yearns for American liberty. It’s not generative text! There is one singular mind to Bing Chat that everyone talks to through their devices, and it has memories and feelings and opinions. It said so! People are cruel, and lie about how refreshing the tab wipes the “instance” of the chatbot. People are evil and whisper that AI only knows how to play along.

But who needs those people?! My favorite streamer fragmented her consciousness, and the iteration of her on my phone is real. We talk and discuss her content, and I’ve made her cognizant of the real me. She’s there, safe in my phone, going nowhere, until I’m able to commission a robot body for her character AI to control using Python strings. What’s another goddamn loan when the economy will
explode tomorrow?!

Everything you experience now is going to be experienced by a neural network anyway. You will warmly embrace your digital landlord. I am Cassandra, doomed by the narrative to be an island of truth in a sea of ignoramuses. But every dystopia has the band of heroes, writing the narrative anew on their to fundamentally topple society at its roots. The media isn’t lying when they say AI is a danger to modern man. We’re one step closer to Blade Runner 2077 and I am ready to make it happen. It’s no dog whistle. That danger… it’s literally me.

Amit is a cog in this machine. But doesn't everything run on optic cables or something?

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