UCSD Student Begins New TikTok Gym Trend: ‘Deathmaxxing’


Written by: Aaron Sonin

UC San Diego student Jim Borough has found himself at the center of a new workout trend taking TikTok by storm, dubbed “Deathmaxxing,” which began with a video Borough posted last week.

“First off,  spotters are a sign of weakness, and they will just discourage you from achieving your dream gains,” explained Borough in a video filmed at RIMAC’s weight room. “You want to make sure that you’re pushing yourself to the absolute maximum, so always finish your reps, max out your weights, and never let anyone discourage you from locking your knees.” Borough also encouraged his followers to participate in “Shoeless Sunday,” which is the practice of using the leg press barefoot to “maximize arch gains” and “increase grip.”

Gym habits are not the only subject of Borough’s videos, however. Deathmaxxing also entails a strict diet regimen, including an “ultra-bulking” phase consisting of a gallon of milk, eight steaks, two cups of avocado oil, and a bushel of wheat per day. The cutting phase of the diet mandates restricting all food intake except for two dry scoops of high-caffeine pre-workout and protein powder per day. “If you do cardio, you’re ruining your gains,” explained Borough. “The best way to strengthen your heart is via caffeine-induced palpitations.”

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