MTS Exclusive Offer Was Available October 1–30 ONLY


Written by: Amit Roth

For the fall season, MTS held a monthlong promotion where bus riders received a certain amount of points based on how far they commuted. Points were tracked on users’ PRONTO accounts, and could be redeemed towards giftable free rides, skipping stops to reach destinations faster, and even calling buses from anywhere in the greater San Diego area. However, MTS has emphasized that the offer did not extend until the end of October and instead terminated on October 30.

In response to user questions, MTS Chief of Customer Satisfaction Buster Ollie clarified the matter of the promotion’s expiration. “There was no exclusive offer on October 31. Stop asking about it! The allegations that MTS had a special Halloween event are false. The bus drivers were not dressed up, and they did not have candy. There weren’t any festivities. In fact, the MTS services were paused until November 1, but to be clear: we were not on holiday. We didn’t celebrate Halloween by taking the buses for trick or treating! There were no bats on the trolley, and the buses were not wearing black cat ears! Whoever spread these rumors was lying. Thank you, and merry Christmas.”

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