Game Designers (Nintendo Power Special Issue)

Nintendo Power Devs.

Executives Producers


Stephen Lightfoot 


Managing Editor

 Andrew Sitko



Department of Content

Head Content Editor

Aniela Drumonde
(Ancient Evil)


Content's Fledglings

Matt Miltimore
(Level 5 Fiendish Warlock)

Robert Renfro
(Uncooperative Shopkeeper)

Varsha Varkhedi
(Underling with Redemption Arc)

Department of Graphics

Graphics Editors

Jack Yang
(Tiny Slime Enemy)

Sharon Roth
(Chainmailed Slime Enemy)

Maria Dhilla
(Queen Slime Enemy)

Department of Design

Design Editors

Natalia Nenn
(Water Level Designer)

Brianne Arce
(Wario’s Love Interest)

Miranda May
 (Wrincess Weach)

Deparment of Copy

Copy Editors

Adian Valdez
(Princess Peach Relationship Therapist)

Ram Sivapalan
(Ascended to higher world levels, cannot be reached)

Gage Tanzman
(Meowth, That’s Right!)

Department of Distribution

Distribution Captain

Adam Yoshinaga
(NPC With a 5-hour Side Quest)

Distribution Lieutenant

Kaz Nuckowski
(Non-Playable Satirist)

Department of Social/Publicity

Social/Publicity Chair

Hanaa Moosavi
(Boss That Takes Three Hits to Beat)

Social/Publicity Ottoman

Jacob King
(Item-Guarding Boss)

Department of Web

Web Editor

Jerry Wu
(Closeted Game)


MQ Uncle's Roommate

Dan Kaliblotzky
(Oldster Joseph)


Dexter Hamilton
(Unable to Reconnect)

Muir Advisor

Jason Thibodeaux

(Professor Sequoia, Advisor)

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