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Apology Island: I’m Sorry for Cheating on Poptropica Speedruns

Written by: Varsha Varkhedi

It’s been a really tough time for me, and I think I owe it to my fans to come clean about the rumors…


Local Teen Girl Justifies New Years Party

Written by: Varsha Varkhedi

In response to one party-goer claiming that their cocaine was “95 percent pure,” another partygoer held up hand sanitizer, saying, “This is 99.9 percent pure.”Photo by Maria …


Local STEM School Reforms Anti-Bullying Policy to Focus on Nerd Perpetrators

Written by: Varsha Varkhedi

“They make fun of me because I can’t prove Fermat’s Last Theorem,” said Toyle.Photo by Jay Noonan In an attempt to curb bullying tendencies, an elite STEM …

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Australia’s Fires are Tragic but We Can All Help vs. Okay, but First Can We Stop Those Men From Wearing Shorts That are Too Short?

Written by: Varsha Varkhedi

Point: Australia’s Fires are Tragic but We Can All Help I was so devastated to hear about the Australian fires. Just thinking about all those animals …