November 1, 2023 Read it and weep profusely. Volume XXX Issue II

Bri Arce

Bri Arce is the Assistant Design Editor for the MQ, responsible for all the pretty colored spreads you see in our issues! A first-year political science major, she is passionate about the aesthetics of the paper and works hard to make it the best it can be.

Sunday Comics


Written by: Ram Sivapalan, Bri Arce and Hanaa Moosavi

Capitalistic Exploits and Burrito Binging.

Sunday Comics

What Should Have Happened

Written by: Hanaa Moosavi, Ram Sivapalan and Bri Arce

What Should Have Happened?!! By Hanaa Moosavi, Ram Sivapalan, & Bri Arce


Area Man Screams “Eat the Rich” From His Maserati

Written by: Bri Arce

Cist later stated, “I’m an everyman. I’m paying off my $200,000 car month by month just like everyone else.”Photo by Sharon Roth Midday Tuesday, a male student …

Sunday Comics

Want some Corona?

Written by: Ram Sivapalan, Bri Arce and Hanaa Moosavi

Sunday Comics

God vs. Kanye

Written by: Bri Arce, Andrew Sitko, Hanaa Moosavi and Ram Sivapalan

“I decree Ye is King”


Brexit Delayed Until 2045

Written by: Bri Arce

While there was a referendum on whether or not Boris Johnson should be tarred and feathered, everyone who would have voted “no” stayed at home.Photo by Jack …


UCSD Wi-Fi Found To Be Powered by a Naked Mole Rat

Written by: Bri Arce

Upon hearing the news, a faculty member from the biology department said, “Oh, so that’s where they go.”Photo by Jack Yang The cause of recent internet …