Volume 28


Geisel Renovation to Include New Crying Booths in Response to Rising Mental Health Concerns

Written by: Karina Yu

Pitt said, “This whole time, I thought CBT stood for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Now I know it stands for Crying Booth Treatment.”Photo by Julia Wong Throughout …


Study Finds New Sixth College Students Don’t Know How Good They Have It

Written by: Andrew Sitko

One spectator commented, “Wow, this feels like the third installment in a trilogy. I wonder if I could go onto TheMQ.org and find the prequels.”Photo by …


UCSD Cracks Down on Students Squatting in Unfinished Eighth College

Written by: Millie You

“The swaying of the building in the night wind rocks right me to sleep,” Snak commented.Photo by Julia Wong For many universities across America, the end …


Sunny G Found Wearing CAPEs

Written by: Connor Betterly

“I’m beginning to suspect that Sunny G might be Sun God,” one student said.Photo by Julia Wong Earlier this week on Sun God lawn, Sunny G …


The U.S. to Start Broadcasting All Court Proceedings Following Popularity of Heard-Depp Trial

Written by: Jacob King

One attorney concluded, “I rest my case, just like I rest on this MyPillow.”Photo by Maria Dhilla Last Tuesday, the White House announced a new executive …


“Zoboomafoo” Reboot Casts Jerma as Iconic Lemur

Written by: Andrew Sitko

“Zoboomafoo” Reboot Casts Jerma as Iconic Lemur The children’s classic Zoboomafoo by the Kratt brothers will be rebooted after its original reboot was canceled due to …

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The Man Cave

Written by: The MQ


27 Best New Products to Buy In 2022

Written by: Jacob King

27 Best New Products to Buy In 2022 In a hurry? Need to buy a gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband? Got a special …


Suburban Lawn Care Association Mandates Biodiversity Training

Written by: Sharon Roth

Michaels declared, “Finally, the reign of grass is clover!”Photo by Sharon Roth Burt Lopez, co-chair of the La Jolla Lawn Care Association and owner of the …

Sunday Comics

The G-Nome

Written by: Julia Wong

The G-Nome by Julia Wong