Written by: Madeline Mozafari

Listen. Listen! Lean in here. All the way down, buddy. You see where I live? This absolutely gorgeous miniature log cabin is my home. I live by a most lovely tree. It is between the concrete for feet and the concrete for large scary wheels. The issue is, sometimes the feet veer from the concrete, stepping by my tree and onto my house. Now, I don’t really mind rebuilding my house every once in a while. It keeps things fresh! But it’s tiring to do so nearly every day, and it doesn’t look nearly as nice when I have to use less-than-cheerful twigs to rebuild the walls.

Now I have a friend, maybe more than a friend — hopefully more than a friend — but maybe not, I’m unsure. I like to have my friend over. He is a toad, and I am a frog. Some think our union unnatural, but we’re a perfect match. We both like hopscotch! Anyway, I like having my friend over to my home. And I really would like for us to not turn into goo while enjoying tea and romancing each other, possibly not platonically. So this is my official plea. I beg of you, feet-havers. Reduce your footprint. Leave the future of my budding romance up to myself and my potential future toad husband. Stay away from my tree.

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