Karina Yu


Angry Local Politician Hates American Education System, But Not for the Same Reasons as Everyone Else

Written by: Karina Yu

“I want you to grind really hard,” said Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve.Photo by Maria Dhilla On October 3rd, Florida state representative Glenn Miller …


Geisel Renovation to Include New Crying Booths in Response to Rising Mental Health Concerns

Written by: Karina Yu

Pitt said, “This whole time, I thought CBT stood for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Now I know it stands for Crying Booth Treatment.”Photo by Julia Wong Throughout …


Thespians Claim COVID Immunity As They Are “Really Good At Pretending They Don’t Have It”

Written by: Karina Yu

“The only jab I’ll get is behind the curtain,” said the actor playing Polonius.Photo by Sharon Roth Last December, the Actors Association of America (AAA) released a …