November 1, 2023 Read it and weep profusely. Volume XXX Issue II

Karina Yu


Angry Local Politician Hates American Education System, But Not for the Same Reasons as Everyone Else

Written by: Karina Yu

“I want you to grind really hard,” said Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve.Photo by Maria Dhilla On October 3rd, Florida state representative Glenn Miller …


Geisel Renovation to Include New Crying Booths in Response to Rising Mental Health Concerns

Written by: Karina Yu

Pitt said, “This whole time, I thought CBT stood for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Now I know it stands for Crying Booth Treatment.”Photo by Julia Wong Throughout …



Thespians Claim COVID Immunity As They Are “Really Good At Pretending They Don’t Have It”

Written by: Karina Yu

“The only jab I’ll get is behind the curtain,” said the actor playing Polonius.Photo by Sharon Roth Last December, the Actors Association of America (AAA) released a …