November 1, 2023 Read it and weep profusely. Volume XXX Issue II



Moviegoers Petition to Implement New “PP” Rating for Pre-Pandemic Films, Citing Dangerous Behavior

Written by: Maria Dhilla

Theaters have increased the number of showing times for Jim Carrey’s “The Mask.”Photo by Stephen Lightfoot A new viral campaign, called the PG-PP Movement, has emerged …


Academic Integrity Office Overwhelmed by Instances of Students “Venting” During Exam

Written by: Melina Cruz

A hard limit was placed on emergency meetings called during quizzes.Photo by Sharon Roth The Academic Integrity Office has reported 425 new cases of students being …

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Politics Aren’t That Important vs. Yes, So You Shouldn’t Vote

Written by: Kaz Nuckowski and Megan Cox

Point: Politics Aren’t That Important By Benny Rourke Ambivalent Democrat/Moderate If you don’t want to vote, honestly it won’t bug me that much. I, for one, …


Research Finds That Masks Prevent Cartoon Pie Physics

Written by: Matthew Miltimore

Studies show that data from this research affects all but 3.14 percent of Americans.Photo by Jack Yang A recent report by the UCSD Institute of Public …


Zoom Backgrounds Now More Important Than Fashion Sense

Written by: Pilan Scruggs

Casando said, “I haven’t left my house in months. I wouldn’t be caught dead without my zoom background!”Photo by Sharon Roth As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to …

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Microaggressions Actually Still Do Exist Because — vs. Actually, I’ll Explain This One, Brenda

Written by: Hanaa Moosavi

Point: Microaggressions Actually Still Do Exist Because — Hello everyone. My name is Brenda and I work on the third floor. I called this meeting to …


The MQ’s Scariest Movies of 2020

Written by: The MQ


UCSD Student Makes Rare, Historic Discovery: Hidden Homework Assignment on Canvas Worth 75 Percent of Grade

Written by: Maria Dhilla

“I found it,” said one student, “and I still have 20 minutes to submit it!”Photo by Jack Yang UCSD freshman Carlos Betancourt did not expect to make …


Someone, Please Eat My Hasselback Potatoes

Written by: Dan Kaliblotzky

I am stupefied. I just took a tray of Hasselback potatoes out of the oven, and for what? Am I about to eat multiple baked potatoes …