Undeclared Major Impacted

Written by: The MQ

UC San Diego announced yesterday that it is declaring its “Undeclared” major impacted due to record enrollment and unprecedented demand for the major. This comes after …


Study Finds Men More Masculine Than Ever

Written by: The MQ

Men have been found to be manlier than ever, as reported by a recent scientific study. Researchers attribute this increase in manliness to factors including the …


Area Cat First Ever to Catch the Red Dot

Written by: The MQ

Guthrie Jagermanjensen, a seven-year-old British shorthair from Claremont Mesa accomplished the “glorious feat” of catching the red dot that has eluded cats around the world for …


Disgruntled Tour Guide Leads Group Up Peterson Hill

Written by: Lawrence Lee

In an ongoing campus tour, third-year undergraduate tour guide Irene Montani led her 24-person tour group up the entirety of Peterson Hill in frustration at her …