College Football Announces New Fan Voting System for Playoffs

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Written by: Farhad Taraporevala

Starting in the 2024–25 season, the NCAA will premier a new 12-team playoff bracket, instead of the controversial four-team bracket that the playoffs began in 2014. The four-team playoffs caused many controversies over which teams would be selected, as many seasons ended with five, six, or even seven teams with legitimate claims to one of the top four spots, disappointing thousands of fans and players. Now that the playoff system has increased the number of teams to 12, the NCAA selection committee will be faced with a new challenge: finding enough teams that belong in the playoffs. “Me and the other execs, we figured out how to get the top six teams easy, just pick the top six conference champs,” explained CFP selection committee member Eipic Datemz. “But then we were stuck trying to find six more teams worthy of a spot in the exclusive, prestigious, most important competition in the galaxy. That’s when I had the great idea to get the fans involved, so the blame’s no longer on us for ‘choosing wrong’ but on them. Jim [CEO of NCAA] then figured out how to monetize the voting and the rest is history.”

These remaining six teams will be decided by fan voting during the month of December, with each vote costing fans exponentially more than their last. “Your first vote is basically free; $2 is nothing compared to your love for your favorite team,” explained Datemz. “By the tenth vote, which costs $1024, the true diehards are separated from the bandwagon fans. This new voting scheme is projected to make us millions, which will be reinvested into ensuring the selection committee is able to work in an environment that will provide viewers with the best product possible. After all, how are we supposed to come up with the next great idea without beachfront mansions in every state?”

Not everyone is happy with the news that fan voting will be monetized, and some players raised concerns over how the money will be spent. “I get that some of the proceeds should go to the playoffs and college football in general, but what about money for the players or programs those fans are voting for?” asked Iowa State quarterback Itro Daboll. “Beachfront mansions in every state are a bit excessive in my opinion. Take some of that money and give it to the people who work hard every day to put the product you see on the field. Sure, one mansion in California or Hawaii is no big deal, but do you know how much it’ll cost them to get the ocean to South Dakota!” Despite backlash against the selection committee’s spending plan, the College Football Playoff has no plans to alter the voting scheme. “The players are just so greedy nowadays! After we graciously gave them NIL deals, they have not stopped badgering us for more money. It’s like, seriously, we give you an education while also allowing you to be scouted for the NFL, what more could you possibly want?!” complained Datemz. “Back in my day, we worked full time to pay for our education in addition to the six-hour practices and five hours of classes. I was happy if I got three hours of sleep at night! To stop this madness, we have decided that teams who do not make the playoffs will now be ineligible from the NIL deal. Take that, you greedy student athletes!”

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