Student Explodes After Discovering They’re An Extra on The Truman Show

Written by: Theo Erickson

“What? It was time to BeReal,” said Snot.
Photo by Sharon Roth

A large commotion that “wasn’t a fire alarm for once” was reported by Sixth College residents earlier this week when one student “literally exploded” after being told that they were an extra on The Twoman Show: Truman Rebooted. One witness recalled that the student, Maria Drew Carrie, “just blew up, like, disintegrated, like, dead, because of how angry they were. The smell was so horrible. Like, I don’t get why they had to make such a scene about it.”

One person involved in the altercation, Reddior Snot, assistant director for The Twoman Show, recalls similar events. “Maria realized we were filming them, looked directly into the lens, and then walked really obviously out of the shot. Like, what? That’s so rude. We’re obviously shooting. And they didn’t even make their exit dramatic enough that fans on YouTube could make awkward edits of them to the Wii Shop soundtrack,” Snot said. “So I told them to act natural, and then they started asking me like, ‘What? You’re making The Truman Show in real life? What is wrong with you?’ Not Insta-genic at all. I don’t know why casting ever let them out in public.”

The star of The Twoman Show, Heddy Ann Shoulders, stated that the altercation escalated after that. “I came over and I was like, ‘Can you stop messing up my stream? We’re live,’ and they were like ‘You’re willingly letting strangers watch every second of your life?’ And I was like, ‘Have you ever used Snapchat? Anyway, I’m the main character, so stop pulling focus.’”

One crew member, who wished to remain anonymous, said that this was when the signs of Carrie’s pending explosion became visible. “She started fuming — literally, plumes of steam. They yelled something like, ‘I live here! I am not a part of the scenery for the photo of campus you send to your parents! I am not a trained animal for the background of your Instagram reel!’ Then they started cursing all of us out with such ferocity that a bunch of students came out from their dorms to investigate, phones in hand. I think the reality of constant surveillance being enforced by people whom Maria had once believed to be members of her community with whom she shared a mutual sense of respect — it kind of lit the fuse.”

In the aftermath, the audio from The Twoman Show B-roll footage of Carrie’s verbose diatribe and ensuing explosion was used as a sound for hundreds of TikToks. Users recorded themselves voguing to Carrie’s screams and subsequent splatter with the captions, “When the prof says the midterm will be in person,” “When it was laundry day but you got tagged in the photo,” and “Me and who?!”

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