Local Student Takes 2-Hour Bus Ride for Brief Social Interaction


Written by: Kaz Nuckowski

Local Student Takes 2-Hour Bus Ride for Brief Social Interaction

In a desperate attempt to engage with online college friends, local second-year student Kris Nunjowsky reportedly took a two hour bus ride to Escondido to deliver cookies to friends. Nunjowsky was embarrassed, admitting, “I know it’s a bit ridiculous, but I never claimed to be anything other than a simp.” They attribute this odd decision to social isolation. “I have friends on Discord I’ve never seen in person, even though we live 20 minutes apart. I refuse to let this stand. If seeing another warm body means spending half my day on San Diego transit, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

When questioned by reporters as to why they didn’t stay at their parents’ home in North County and drive — which would have taken only 20 minutes — Kris cited spite. “I don’t want to give my mother the validation. I am living on my own goddammit, I will take three buses before listening to her lecture me about my ‘inability to take responsibility.’ Oh, and we do still live in a global pandemic …”

Janette Simpson, Nunjowsky’s friend in Escondido, noted her concern. “They walked 20 minutes from the transit center to my house! How am I not supposed to feel guilty?” However, she also admitted that “it was nice to put a face to the Discord tag. I haven’t left my house since December. I just wish it didn’t have to come to this.”

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