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Will you help Him?

Written by: Sharon Roth

Test your chivalry with this interactive clickventure! *Clickventures may not function at full capacity with mobile viewing.

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TikTok Songs in Dining Halls Make Customers Prone to Involuntary Fits of Dancing

Written by: Elizabeth Overton

Since late September, reports of involuntary fits of dancing induced by TikTok songs being played on the radio in dining halls have come in at an …

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UCSD to Launch New Subscription Based Wifi Service

Written by: Farhad Taraporevala

On Monday, UCSD announced the launch of a new wifi network that will be available to students that purchase a monthly subscription plan. Preorders for the …

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I’m the gallon of milk in your fridge you have not touched since week 1

Written by: Melina Cruz

This cold, desolate land has been all I’ve known. When I was chosen by you, I thought I had a chance at a rich, adventurous life. …

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Wall Street Grows Tired of Betting Against the Livelihood of Working Class People, Begins Betting Against Working Class’s Lives Directly

Written by: Everett Ririe

Major Wall Street investors and mutual funds have recently begun a new trading strategy. Instead of investments in traditional businesses or commodities, many investors have traded …

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In Resolution of Third Strike, 64 Employees Receive Conciliatory Turkey

Written by: Kaz Nuckowski

Photo by Sharon Roth In the spirit of Thanksgiving, HDH and striking 64 degrees employees finally reached a settlement last Thursday. Student employees have had mixed reactions, …

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Hark! Welcometh Back to Mine ThouTube Channel

Written by: Bartholomew “Thou Shalt Like and Subscribe” Goodman, Alex Riensch-Goldstein and Sharon Roth

Hark! Welcometh back to mine ThouTube channel. Maketh sure to like, comment, and tell thy bellkeep to ring the bell in the towne square so thou …

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The Worm From The Labyrinth Is the Best Character Ever and Here’s Why

Written by: Miranda May

Ello! See, isn’t that a lovely way to start off a conversation? Not a “hello” but an “ello”. That’s what a cute little worm named William …

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To Anna, The Girl In Front Of Me Who Stole My Joke In York Hall

Written by: Aniela Drumonde

A Hopeful Funeral Dirge