Written by: Madeline Mozafari

British Currency Depicts Prince William Instead of King Charles III

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, citizens of the United Kingdom were concerned that they would have to carry currency branded with the face of King Charles III, rather than the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, the most recently-printed British notes do not depict King Charles, but rather Prince William, his son. British bank-goers were surprised to see “a glaring receding hairline” instead of “an old toad that’s ready to croak.”

Sir Jerry Stencille, the Head of Design at De La Rue, the printing company responsible for the Bank of England’s banknotes, was blamed for the misprinting. When confronted with his mistake, Sir Stencille stated: “I figured I would save us all some time and skip Charley-boy, since he’s about to join his dear mummy up in heaven. By the time anyone sees a new banknote, Willy will be the king. I was just trying to save the general public some tax money after paying for a funeral and coronation. They should be thanking me! No one likes Charles anyway.”

To ensure public approval, the twenty-pound note was also changed to feature everyone’s favorite king, Shaun the Sheep.

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