Research Shows Your Childhood Bullies Were Right


Written by: Daniel Clinton

New research released by the Psychological and Brain Science department at SDSU has revealed that your childhood bullies were right. The study conducted by Alex Bullebak followed students from early elementary school into adulthood, tracking how the study participants deviated or fulfilled the insults thrown at them by their bullies.

The study concluded that your childhood bullies were extremely effective at finding your flaws. Per example cited by Bullebak, one participant, given the pseudonym “Student A,” in fourth grade was called a “lazy stupid-head” by another student in the grade above them. During a follow up on the study, Student A revealed that they procrastinated in college and had failed at least two classes because they were too challenging. Bullebark commented on this by writing, “As you can see, Student A was called stupid and lazy in elementary school, and this attribute was detected later in life. The bully was 100 percent effective in detecting Student A’s flaws.”

Bullebak believes that his research is groundbreaking and hopes that more funding is given to detecting how much of a fucking failure you will be later in life.

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