Sony Pictures Greenlights Film with No Concept, Nor Anyone Attached


Written by: The MQ

Sony Pictures has announced their newest “sure to be an Oscar-sweeping blockbuster hit,” to be released late 2017, titled “TBD” and to be directed by “Un Named.”

“This movie is going to blow your minds,” said producer Sid Price. “This film is going to have revolutionary effects that will transform the industry, a star-studded cast with the best acting money can bribe, and we are expecting to break all box office records with an estimated gross of three to four billion dollars. What? No, we don’t have a script yet. We’ll fix it in post.”

Reportedly, “TBD” is the start of what Sony Pictures expects to be a TBDUCCM, or a TBD Ultra Connected Cinematic Multiverse. They plan to stretch out the TBDUCCM over the course of 20 years and 80 films.

“Look, people may say it’s worrisome that we lack a director, script, actors, a crew, set, cinematographer, or editors,” Price said, “but we do have one thing: a boat load of money to throw at the problem. And besides, it worked with ‘Pixels.’ Right? Right?”

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