Actors In 50s “Too Young” to Play Opposite Women in 20s

Written by: Cole Greenbaun

Off screen, the director was heard complaining that the female protagonist has “really hit that point where she should only be playing the mother.”
Photo by: Jen Windsor

Multiple actors in Hollywood have recently revealed that they were victims of ageism, being turned down for roles that were intended to be romantic opposites of young actresses because the actors were “too young.”

Actor Antonio Banderas, age 55, has been very vocal on this issue, calling Hollywood producers “out-of-date” and “out-of-touch.”

“It’s ridiculous!” Banderas said, “Imagine the humiliation of going in for a role and being told they want someone ‘more wrinkled’ and ‘more grizzled’ to be the romantic interest of Selena Gomez. It completely disregards all the hard work against ageism that actors like myself have done.”

Banderas was reportedly up for a role in the upcoming film “The Struggles of Man” as a financially struggling college student who falls in love with a wealthy upper-class girl to be played by Gomez.

Banderas is not alone in this protest. Woody Harrelson, age 54, has personally called out producer Mel Benton for turning Harrelson away from a part because he wanted someone “Bob Barker-esque.”

“He said I wasn’t ‘pervy’ enough to play opposite Kate Upton,” Harrelson said, “It’s outrageous! I’m a goddamn professional actor, I can do pervy! I’ve joined a Mommy and Me class to see women breastfeed before, and they tell me I can’t play pervy?”

Benton has been a producer in Hollywood for the past 40 years overseeing such hits as “Titanic,” “Titanic 2,” and “Tit-an-dick: The Titanic Porn Parody,” but Benton claims it’s not Hollywood but the audience that forces this ageism.

“The audience doesn’t want just any beautiful, matured guy with acting ability,” Benton said, “They want old, speckled flesh against young nubile skin. They love it! Just look at Hugh Hefner, people would pay top dollar to watch him screw those 20-year-olds he lives with!”

These actors have also been crying foul at what they call the “new wage gap.” According to action star Bruce Willis, these older actors are being paid less than younger up-and-coming actresses.

“I was paid only $1 million dollars for my latest movie ‘Vice’,” Willis said, “and this Jennifer Lawrence girl comes along and makes $20 million dollars for some movie starring her? I’ve been working hard in this industry for 35 years, and I’m making less than this kid who’s only been here for 5 years? It’s pure, blatant sexism, I tell you.”

While these actors continue to fight against this “sexism” and “ageism” through angry rants and empowered letters, according to Harrelson the industry is slowly improving.

“Roles have been scarce as of late,” Harrelson said.“But I have been getting more and more. I just got cast as Duke Ellington in an upcoming biopic, so the industry is getting better.”

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