Volume 28.4


COVID-19 Positive Students to Isolate in Breakout Rooms

Written by: Elise Jonas-Delson

One student had to be further isolated after sending others in their breakout room a virus.Photo by Maria Dhilla UC San Diego students who test positive …


The MQ’s Secret History

Written by: The MQ


Literature Major Unable to Let Go of the Myth of Sisyphus

Written by: Aniela Drumonde

“Maybe I need to be bolder,” said Mu. “I’m really trying to push this idea forward.”Photo by Sharon Roth Fourth-year Literature major Cameron Mu has, in her …


Wolftown Debuts New Locally Sourced Raccoon Bowl

Written by: George Nassar

“After eating this, the trash doesn’t look so bad,” claimed Nomick.Photo by Maria Dhilla Throngs of hungry undergraduates were greeted by a new sight on Wednesday at …

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I Got You This Heart-Shaped Box for Valentine’s Day Vs. You Fool! I Need a Real Human Heart!

Written by: Jack Yang

Point: I Got You This Heart-Shaped Box for Valentine’s Day Hey Annie. Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m not great at the whole romance thing, but I wanted …


State of California Abolishes Legal Gender, Strictly Enforces Favorite Color Instead

Written by: Robin Brewin

“I just got my government-assigned color,” said Moore-Sherwin. “They said it’s green, but I’m feeling blue.”Photo by Robin Brewin The state of California has made strides …