Written by: Summer Davis

In response to the parking crisis impacting UCSD students, Chancellor Khosla has offered the use of his estate’s driveway for parking until construction ends sometime this decade. The three mile long road leading up to his Oceanside mansion can supply approximately 2500 more parking spaces, which are made up of 2000 A spaces and 500 S spaces. It is expected to raise class attendance by 40% next quarter.

“We told students to park at Gliderport, but then they actually listened, which we didn’t account for,” said a spokesperson for UCSD Transportation Services. “So now there’s no parking at Gliderport, and there’s no spaces at any of the areas falsely labelled ‘Parking,’ either. Chancellor Khosla has really done us a huge favor by acknowledging the issue and like, actually doing something about it.”

Alternative solutions proposed by Transportation Services include switching all class times to the hours of 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. — the time period when parking is most accessible — and banning the use of cars on campus to free up parking spaces.

While some have expressed anger at these new policies, many at UCSD see this as an opportunity to get closer to the campus’s Chancellor.

“I am going to egg his house,” said one UCSD student. “I’m absolutely going to egg his house.”

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