Written by: Matt Olson

Area senior Steve Reynolds announced this week that, despite this quarter “taking him by surprise” with the amount of work 12 units of classes required, he is confident that this next quarter is going to be better.

Reynolds, who decided less than a year ago to change his major from Biochemistry to Art History, is trying to catch up with the work needed to graduate on time for his career path.

“Biochemistry was fun, but I felt like it just didn’t let me explore my potential. I just think Art History will let me really find myself. It has nothing to do with the fact that I got 16 straight D’s in Biochem,” Reynolds told his academic advisors. He later admitted he was lying.

“Sure, I’ve had a bit of a rough time in my last few classes,” said Reynolds, referring to the previous three years of his college career. “But next quarter will be different! I know what I’m doing now. Sure, I’ve said this same thing for the last 11 quarters and even I don’t believe myself, but this time will definitely be different! I’m hopeful about the future.”

Reynolds was last seen crying in the Peterson Hall bathrooms, psyching himself up by saying, “you can do this” repeatedly into the mirror and then leaving to go take a midterm he didn’t study for.

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