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I am a mom who cares about her kids. A lot. That’s why when my currently dead child’s doctor told me that my now-dead son would have to undergo a series of possibly toxic and invasive injections, and in the process radically increase his chances of contracting autism, I said no.

This fall, millions of kids will be returning to school, and for many that means mandatory vaccinations. Vaccination has been a hot-button topic for lots of people, and has deeply affected the way I’ve raise(d) my children, including the one whose tiny, cold body is now lying in the Cemetery of the Holy Sepulcher.

You see, being a responsible mom like me means being constantly vigilant of threats to your child’s wellbeing. Even if some of those threats aren’t accepted or even acknowledged by the medical community, the people who have reduced child mortality rates by over 90 percent in the last hundred years. The biggest threat to my kids’ (at least the one that’s still alive) safety? Vaccine-linked childhood autism.

I have two sons, or at least I had two sons before one of them stopped being alive. Jaylen, 10, and Brayden, dead, are the loves of my lives, and I would do anything to protect them. Because of my strong anti-vaccination stance, we’ve stood firm on refusing to inject our kids with anything other than love, care, and in the case of Brayden, a mixture of formaldehyde and other preservative substances into his corpse.

When I first started taking Brayden, my son who is now among the silent ranks of the deceased, to the doctor, I knew we’d be in for a rough ride. Right from the start, Dr. Chen started using scary words and intimidation tactics to inject my then-alive child with all kinds of chemicals to “protect” him from “preventable” “diseases.” He told me all about the dangers of not vaccinating my child, but never even brought up the other side. You’d think a medical professional would’ve known better, since even a quick web search of “vaccines cause autism” returns hundreds of poorly-sourced articles that reaffirm what I had already decided to be true.

Soon, Brayden began to show some strange symptoms. There were red, itchy spots all over his body, he came down with a heavy fever, and began coughing nonstop. Those symptoms didn’t match the symptoms of autism I looked for online, and more closely resembled measles. I called my doctor right away, to be sure that he hadn’t secretly injected my son with one of those dangerous vaccines. He said no, and that we should begin treatment right away. I had already had enough of his unhelpful advice, so I kept Brayden at home, and took care of him in his final hours the way any good mother would.

As they lowered my son’s coffin into the ground, I remember looking around the cemetery and crying. I wondered how many poor, innocent children had died because of preventable illnesses like autism. If my son Braydenwasn’t a tiny cadaver in a grave today, I’m sure he’d thank me for protecting him from such a terrible fate.

Written by: Patricia Scott, Brave Mother

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