Written by: James Woolley

Photographer Protests the Use of SD Cards, Claims Art’s Beauty Is Fleeting

Photographer Hito Sprintworthy made waves in the art world after traveling six months for International Geographic without an SD card. In a statement released through the publication, he adamantly insisted that “the beauty of photography is fleeting.” By refusing to save any of his photos, he claims, “I have ascended past the division between man, camera, and landscape to become art myself. Experience, after all, is the essence of what it is to be human. For me and my audience, becoming one with the soul is the goal of my profession. In many ways, this is the aim of my entire life.”

The photobook will reportedly contain only black pages to stimulate reader imagination. “My desire with this new experimental project is to become closer to the audience by allowing them to participate in my experiences traveling the globe,” Sprintworthy explained. “Look into the darkness and reveal the landscape in your mind’s eye. In this moment, you are the camera, capturing another ephemeral image of nature’s beauty. By doing so, we become denizens of the Earth, and grow closer as a species. To gaze is to heal, and to heal is to experience beauty.” His highly anticipated photobook is set to come out later this year, at a retail price of $1,375.

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