Student Creates Hobbit-Hole out of Dorm Room, Lists it on Airbnb


Written by: Madeline Mozafari

Mackenzie Richards, a third-year mechanical engineering major and business minor, has transformed her dorm room in Rita Atkinson Residences into a Lord of the Rings -inspired “hobbit-hole.” After completing the transformation of her “generic, cinder block dorm room” into a “luscious, cottagecore, homey environment fit for any selfrespecting resident of the Shire,” Richards listed her room on the popular hospitality site Airbnb.

When interviewed, Richards stated, “I mean, as a girlboss entrepreneur, I knew I had to do something about my drab dorm room. It was totally killing my vibe! So I just bought plant after thriving plant, and before I knew it, my room was so green it reminded me of a hobbithole. That’s when the idea to make it an Airbnb hit me. I stay with my parents in La Jolla Shores a lot of the time anyway, and I could really use some extra spending money.”

Her roommate, Sadie Howard, had a lot to say about Richards’ listing. “At first I didn’t love the random guests coming in and using my stuff for just a couple days at a time, but I found out I could make them leave when I started imitating Gollum late at night and making them lose their precious minds.”

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