UCSD Implements Inclusivity “Mxndate”, Enforces Binary “Mxntality”

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Written by: Sharon Roth

Photo by Sharon Roth

After months of anticipation and several strongly worded email from campus TERFs, UCSD is finally rolling out their “Inclusivity Mxndate.” Chancellor Khosla explained the intent behind this new program in an email blast, claiming it would “uplift womxn by showing just how different from mxn they really are.”

While professors are still acclimating to the new set of rules, students are already feeling the “mxndate’s” impacts. Second-year Amanda Meyers reported being administratively dropped from her Fall 2021 classes. She shared her experiences in a lengthy Instagram caption, explaining that since her first name includes the word “man,” she was unable to enroll in classes. “My professors were really understanding about it,” said Amanda, “But in order to re-enroll in classes I had to legally change my name.”

Amxnda is not the only student impacted by the “Inclusivity Mxndate.” Margo Turpentine, a first-year history major, shared that she was unable to find her classes after the “mxndate” took full effect. “I was circling around campus for hours trying to find the Mxndeville basemxnt,” she said. “But then I finally found the dang room and the professor told me I couldn’t be there because I was a HIStory major, and this was a HERstory class.”

The Womxn’s and Girl Bosses of America Center (WAGBAC) conducted a series of interviews to gauge the student body’s feelings about the “mxndate.” One student responded: “This mxndate is so horrible. It’s not helping anyone! It literally just enforces gender binaries.” The WAGBAC reportedly encouraged this student to make a last-minute “CAPS Appointmxnt” concerning their “womxn’s hysteria.” 

One of Amxnda Meyers’s professors, Dr. Burt Lopez, weighed in on the discussion surrounding the “mxndate.” He was scheduled for a “mxndatory” hearing in front of the WAGBAC after accidentally walking into the “wrong bathroom” in the faculty lounge. Due to new campus policy, the symbol for “womxn’s bathrooms” was changed from a person in a skirt to a person in pants, with her hands on her hips. At the hearing, Dr. Lopez confessed that he did not notice the signs on bathroom doors changed, and said, “I truly apologize for not knowing about this change. Before this mxndate took effect, the faculty lounge just had one gender neutral bathroom.”

Students and faculty alike rallied around Dr. Lopez. Amxnda Meyers, one of the most outspoken students at the hearing, claimed that the rapidly-changing policies were “difficult to keep up with” and “outright moronic.” Lopez was eventually declared innocent by the WAGBAC. The verdict officially read: “We will excuse this professor’s actions since, despite earning 40% more money, mxn are 40% dumber than womxn.” 

Amxnda shared that Dr. Lopez sent her chocolates as a token of his appreciation after the hearing. “Isn’t it so kind?” she gushed in the caption, “My professor got me HER-SHE’s chocolates. Those are my favorite! I emailed Dr. Lopez to say thank you, but he won’t take credit for being so frickin’ nice. Going to that stupid hearing was the least I could do after he helped me re-enroll in his class. So I sent him an email saying ‘thanks for the chocolates’, and you wanna his response? He just said: ‘Don’t mxntion it.’”

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