Clown Costumes Moved to Sexy Section of Spirit Halloween


Written by: Robin Brewin

Clown Costumes Moved to Sexy Section of Spirit Halloween

Sales of clown costumes were up last Halloween, but not for the reason one would expect. With COVID- 19 still surging through the United States, Halloween 2020 proved that costume stores provided more use beyond family holiday fun. “You would think the most popular costumes for these uh…adult house parties would be skimpy cats, cheeky cheerleaders, or nuns or nurses. Something like that,” reported Spirit Halloween sales representative Carl Hieronymus, “but our clown section was completely wiped out by mid-October. Come to think of it, we were also struggling to keep up with the demands for adult-sized baby costumes.”

CEO Steven B. Silverstein of Spencer Spirit Holdings Inc., who is in charge of both Spencer’s and Spirit Halloween, has seen the shift in perception of clowns from scary to sexy and is responding by reorganizing all of the 2021 Spirit Halloween store layouts so as to place all clown costumes and clown-related accessories among the “sexy” costumes.

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