Written by: Andrew Sitko

Brave Senator Thwarts Human Rights Measure

On March 5, when counting a vote on whether or not to increase the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars by 2025, Kyrsten Sinema along with seven other Democrats voted against. Sinema’s playful bob as she gave the thumbs down sparked controversey online, prompting Sinema to “go on a vision quest” to “find the true” meaning of being congresspeople.

Following the vote, Sinema made a statement on her social media regarding her findings. “Congress is not about advocating for the American people and what they really need, Congress is a chance to show how punctual you are when you deny those rights.” Following in the footsteps of Sinema, Mitt Romney said he has decided to dab whenever he votes against racial justice, and Maggie Hassan similarly reported she will do the “Coffee Grinder” on her desk when passing measures restricting immigration.

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