Local Student Outraged That Nobody Cares He is TikTok Famous

Written by: Megan Cox

After the incident, Adamec received an endorsement offer from IHOP.
Photo by Jade Coniglio

There was an incident at the La Jolla Denny’s last Friday when servers refused to give local student Nolan Adamec his food for free. Adamec is quoted saying, “I am this generation’s leading artistic visionary — I shouldn’t have to pay for my goddamn Grand Slam.” The Denny’s waitress responded with, “I’m getting paid minimum wage, I have thousands of dollars of student loans, nobody tips anymore, and I don’t even know what TikTok is.” After the spat, Nolan claims he rolled home on his E-Skateboard and promptly left a scathing Yelp review.

Nolan Adamec (@nolanisbae69) recently found “fame” on TikTok, a social media video app popular among teenagers and young adults. According to a report from the Center for Disease Control, who had apparently misunderstood of the term ‘viral video,’ said that “TikTok, a worse version of Musically, which is a worse version of Vine, is a platform for teens to poorly lip sync to song while in provocative outfits. The app also features parents of broken families desperately trying to connect with their middle school aged stepchildren.” Adamec has posted many videos, ranging from him throwing his peanut butter bagel into a wall to him attempting a keg stand. His most popular video, raking up 2.7 million views and 121,000 likes, is a six-second clip of him wearing Crocs filled with cottage cheese. “Tik Tok is a form of poetry,” says Adamec, “Denying my fame is like ignoring the fame of…” Adamec then spent two and a half minutes trying to come up with the name of a single famous poet. The closest he got was “Elmer Apple Poe” and “Emily Cock-inston.”

This is the third outburst Nolan has had this month regarding a “lack of appreciation for artistic visionaries.” The first was when a local coffee shop played the song Sunflower by Rex Orange County. Nolan says, “ROC is my band, and I only listen to underground music, not coffee shop music.” The next incident was when a classmate refused to send Nolan nudes. “She didn’t understand,” said Nolan, “I’m not like those other pervy guys. I’m an artist.” His classmate refused to comment on the incident.

Nolan’s Mother, Christina Adamec, was Nolan’s first TikTok follower. She says “We’ve always known Nolan was special, but he’s been strange ever since he downloaded TikTok. All the power has gone to his head. He dresses so different now: striped long sleeves, beanies, black nail polish, chains, and he now parts his hair in the middle. I don’t really know. TikTok is confusing — I just recently figured out Facebook. I’m just glad Nolan has a creative outlet. His father and I are very proud of his success. ” Nolan’s father, David Adamec, had a much more simple statement: “I’m petitioning for a 76th trimester abortion.”

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