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Scrabble Champion Wins Tournament Playing “Boob” for 24 Points

In an unexpected turn of events, Scrabble Master Jenny Newman became the new North American Scrabble Champion after defeating her opponent by playing the word “boob.” The tournament ended with Newman at a 50 point lead, beating out returning champion Nigel Winters.

“I was worried at the beginning,” said Newman, “but I got lucky with that boob play. Once I drew that first ‘B’ and two ‘O’s, I knew the game was over. All I had to do was tack boob onto ‘quixotic’ and hit the triple word score, and I had it in the bag. Who would have thought that my boob would save the day?”

After Newman’s shocking win, scrabble judges are debating on whether similarly “underdeveloped” words should be permitted in formal tournaments. In addition to “boob,” current words that face expulsion include “tushy”, “poopy,” “peepee,” and “buttmuncher.”

Judges have yet to formally eliminate any word, but will continue discussions and make a formal decision before next year’s North American Scrabble Championship.

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