Disney announces live-action remake of Beverly Hills Chihuahua


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Disney announces live-action remake of Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Plans to recreate the controversial late-2000s movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua was revealed in a recent interview with Disney executive Michael Eisner, who commented that “the original film wasn’t animated, we just wanted a do-over.” He added that although the original film grossed 149.3 million dollars in box office, it “just wasn’t very good, unfortunately.” Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger hopes that the new film “won’t suck so much.”

After the remake’s reveal, #ChihuaWhatNow trended on Twitter for three days. Beverly Hills Chihuahua’s self-described “stans” worldwide shared their excitement, writing that “the dogs are very cute” and “Chloe the chihuahua would look good in a pink bandana.” However, some fans were not as pleased when Disney announced their plans to use CGI instead of hiring real human and canine actors. Twitter user @beverlyhillsaryclinton tagged Eisner in an inflammatory tweet, claiming that not casting real dogs would be “treason.” Disney reportedly still plans to use CGI to replace human actors, but will still be casting real chihuahuas in response to fan outcry.

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