Area Man Mutters He’s Sick of Your Passive Aggression, Still Within Earshot and He Knows It


Written by: Hannah Lykins

“‘Soy milk, because apparently you’re too good for half and half,’ your drink is ready,” yelled the barista.
Photo by: Jessica Ma

San Diego authorities issued a public safety warning on Monday
after local businessman Kevin Ansler was seen
sitting in a coffee shop with his coworker and friend James Cammon while
muttering with perceived annoyance about Cammon, who Ansler described as someone who “pulls this type of shit all the time.”

“Honestly, I’m just kind of over it at this point. I’ve always been a perfectly pleasant coworker, very up-front about my expectations in both a work and social environment, and do my best to be friendly. But the constant passive aggression that I receive from certain people? I’m really sick of it,” mumbled Ansler, still seated at the same table as Cammon, with whom today’s incident in question took place.

Ansler and Cammon met up for coffee at approximately 7:45 a.m. before their morning commute to work. Ansler bought drinks for both of them, but had forgotten that Cammon, who had not made any request for soy milk, was lactose intolerant. Cammon was said to have taken the coffee anyway,
stating that his stomach “would probably be okay, I mean it’s not like I’m lactose intolerant or anything … ”

“You know, this definitely isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Some people can never confront anyone, whether it’s a little
issue or a big deal. Like this one time, I forgot to hold the door for him, and I swear to God I heard him say, ‘Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got working arms right about now.’ Some people just don’t know how to be up front and talk about their problems,” continued Ansler, as he scoffed and rolled his eyes in Cammon’s direction.

“If someone around here had just reminded me that they would’ve preferred soy milk in their coffee, we wouldn’t even be in this
situation, now would we? How am I supposed to know who’s lactose intolerant nowadays? We work together; it’s not like I was the best man at his wedding,” Ansler continued to mutter in front of Cammon.

“Well yeah, he wasn’t the best man, but he was part of the wedding party, so I’m not really sure what point he’s trying to make. He’s been my friend long enough to know about my lactose problem,” Cammon said loudly, still seated across from Ansler. “I mean, we had soy cheese at my wedding – that wasn’t because I enjoyed the taste.”

When asked about the incident, barista Timothy Hellor answered, “What’s the problem this time? I swear those two are in here together every week, always just sitting across from each other, not actually having any sort of conversation, and angrily sipping coffee.

Soon after, Ansler ended the interview, citing his need to “go and actually do some work, unlike other people – but I don’t want to name names,” but was later seen on his phone, still seated at the same table as Cammon, tweeting, “So tired of fake people. If you have a problem with me, say it to my face #overit #whoevendrinkssoy.”

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Hannah Lykins is a fourth-year student at UCSD.

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