Professors Start Evaluating Students Through New GRADE Program

Written by: Watthew Mare

UC San Diego is currently considering ways to incorporate GRADEs into students’ cumulative GPAs.Photo by Maria Dhilla After experiencing success with the CAPE program, professors have …


UCSD Implements M.R.S. Degree to Increase Number of Women in STEM

Written by: Bitsy Hsu

Following the success of the M.R.S. degree, UCSD is looking into creating a “house-husband” degree.Photo by Julia Wong Starting this spring, UC San Diego students will …


Seventh College Installs Decorative Solar Panels

Written by: Connor Betterly

“The cord isn’t long enough to plug into the sun, what’d you expect?” asked the panel installation contractor.Photo by Kaz Nuckowski In an unprecedented strategy to …


Third-Year Math Major Forgets How to Spell Numbers

Written by: Micah Gilbert

“Why can’t I just use the letter ‘x’ to represent every number I have to spell? That would be so much easier,” remarked Calculus.Photo by Julia …


Eighth College Named

Written by: Pranav Reddy

“Sure, it took us a while to brainstorm the new college name,” said Khosla. “But like they say, the fourth time’s the charm.”Photo by Jacob King …


Tritons Confused by Abstract New Brand Guidelines

Written by: Connor Betterly

“I guess if you can’t tell what their brand is, they can’t do anything that’s off-brand,” stated one student.Photo by Connor Betterly In a bid to …


UCSD Chemists Abandon IUPAC in Favor of “Making Shit Up”

Written by: Katie Campbell

“I’m pretty sure someone labeled the heavy water as regular water,” remarked one slightly heavier lab student.Photo by Millie You After two afternoons of deliberations, the …


UC San Diego Bans Sale of Caffeinated Beverages

Written by: Madeline Mozafari

“Caffeine is technically a drug,” noted one police officer. “That means it should be illegal.”Photo by Amit Roth Citing a new study by Dr. Walter Jolt-a-Lot, …


U.S. Lifts Regulations Around Public Works Projects

Written by: James Woolley

“I love the new transportation system,” proclaimed one UCSD student. “Taking a trebuchet to school is teaching me so much about applied physics.”Photo by Amit Roth …


Board of Education Investigates Chromosome “Homolog Agenda” in Biology Curriculums

Written by: Millie You

“It’s Adam and Eve, not adenine and guanine,” insisted one parent.Photo by Sharon Roth Despite its widespread acceptance as part of a standard biology curriculum, parents …