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Written by: Sharon Roth, Elizabeth Overton, Millie You, Bitsy Hsu and Maria Dhilla

Heads up – this feature is from our special Cosmopolitan issue. As such, it may not come across as it was originally meant to in print. …


Butter Flavored Vape Creates New Disease, Movie Popcorn Lung

Written by: Elizabeth Overton

“Is it salted or unsalted butter?” asked Monica Clouds. “I’m trying to watch my blood pressure.”Photo by Connor Betterly Last month, the popular e-cigarette and vape …

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TikTok Songs in Dining Halls Make Customers Prone to Involuntary Fits of Dancing

Written by: Elizabeth Overton

Since late September, reports of involuntary fits of dancing induced by TikTok songs being played on the radio in dining halls have come in at an …


Mom, I Would Like a Piece of Bread

Written by: Elizabeth Overton

Mom, I Would Like a Piece of Bread I am famished. Starving. Excruciatingly hungry. I am but a six-year-old flower, wasting away. Indeed, my sweet little …


Breaking News: Animal Spotted in Local Forest

Written by: Elizabeth Overton

“It’s like a Pokémon… but real,” explained Buttage.Photo by Maria Dhilla Late on Thursday night, UCSD sophomore Peter Buttage noticed an unidentified animal in a eucalyptus grove …