A Glimpse into the MQ in the Year 3022

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Written by: The MQ

Today, we time-traveled to UC San Diego in the year 3022. After going for a slime in the goop car and trying out the new “simulated death” machine, we stopped by the new MQ Office. During our visit, we discovered our newspapers are no longer satirical (satire was outlawed in 2073), our newspapers are now touch-screen, and the MQ office does not have a very secure safety system! It was almost too easy to steal this page right out of a 3022 issue of The MQ! Must be because Muir kicked us out of our beloved office near the Muir Amazon lockers in … oh God … 2 years? Well, no use worrying yet! Enjoy this relic of the future!

The premier satire magazine at UC San Diego.

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