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Kratt Brothers to Reboot “Zoboomafoo” Using Original Actors

PBS has announced the return of “Zoboomafoo” with new episodes and an updated content style to appeal to the ‘online’ generation of kids. Paula A. Kerger, the CEO of PBS, released a press statement on Tuesday: “Millennial parents! We’ve brought back a classic show from your childhood and revamped it for your children to enjoy! To show our dedication to the ‘Zoboomafoo’ fanbase, we’re rehiring all of the original actors.”

Martin Kratt, co-host of ‘Zoboomafoo,’ said, “My brother and I are glad to be back on children’s entertainment in the new digital age. We don’t move like we used to, and everything aches, so we’re probably gonna not gonna do the falling into the swimming pool gags or any of the extreme sports that we did 20 years ago. We’ll mostly be focusing on the subtle beauty of calmly watching animals from our cushioned seats, so we don’t upset our backs getting up and down and all that.” Jovian, the lemur who played Zaboo, will also make a return. The lemur that passed away in 2014, will apparently be exhumed from his burial place and placed upon a motorized zipline track, to simulate the jumping of a live lemur.

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5 Replies to “Kratt Brothers to Reboot “Zoboomafoo” Using Original Actors”

  1. CartoonMan412 says:

    I much rather have Isabella the Lemur take on the role of Zoboo 2 and have it be rebooted as Zoboomafoo 2.0. that way, she can follow in her late grandfather, Jovian’s leaping skills.

  2. Do the Zobooland character ending credits too

    Make 6 backgrounds of Zoboo

    And make 7 backgrounds of

    · Wiggy
    · Green Puppy
    · Cy
    · Noggindrill
    · Bugly
    · Fibby
    · Narchi
    · Slimantha
    · Snow Lemur
    . Baby/Mama Zoboomafooasarus

    And in your french version

    Make 6 of Green Puppy / Vert chiot, Cy, Noggindrill, Bugly, Slimantha, Snow Lemur / Lemur des neige, Baby/Mama/Bébe/Mama Zoboomafooasarus

    And then do the same thing in Season 2 old french vf. In french version, Do the claw with fibby like in Orignal French Saison 2, And can you exclussive Narchi into Fibby and exclude Narchi on Zobooland clips and episode clips, In Episodes that have the Narchi in English, French and German, And in French version, Turn Narchi into 4 with Fibby in French version, And keep Fibby for all episodes in English Narchi Credits to French Fibby Credits.

    Also I’m Excited for The Reboot, I Love the Orignal One Too!

  3. Nathan Kinser says:

    Rip lemur that guy was PAGMAN

  4. Tara Ann Thompson says:

    Why not just introduce a new lemur and give it a new name but keep the show name as zaboomafoo and one of the episodes could be about the very first lemur in memory but also as part of the future I really hope they do bring this back it was such an important show growing up and meant alot to many like myself tv is about creativity and this show is amazing

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