Written by: Hanaa Moosavi

Local CS Major Abandons App Design Made Just as a Resume Booster

Justin Flannigan, a third-year Computer Science major, stopped production on his application FaceIt that unedits faces on Instagram.

“I thought that a lot of people would want to know who they are actually meeting on dating apps, as well as people wanting to see the true faces of the models of whose DMs they slide in. Why not make an app that shows people exactly who they are meeting, and BAM! I found my application idea.”

Flannigan started Project FaceIt during the middle of Winter quarter. His production team consisted of two CS majors and a Literature major “for advertising.” When asked why he was stopping production without finishing the actual application, Flannigan told reporters “between all my classes, 20 units this quarter alone, my newspaper, my startup, and applying for summer internships, this application takes too much of my time. Honestly, I was never really passionate about designing FaceIt, I was just doing it for the flex. It was only for my resume, but I can let it go now since I’m already on Google’s radar.”

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