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UCSD Student Says That He Will Travel the World During Summer Vacation, Does Nothing

UCSD student Nathan Nix said that he regrets doing nothing over summer vacation after promising himself he would travel the world. “All my friends kept posting their vacation pics on Snapchat and Instagram,” states Nix. “I wanted a piece of the action too, but I just ended up sitting alone at home Netflix and chillin’ all day, minus the chill.” Nix admitted that these posts drove him wild with jealousy and made him question if there was any excitement or adventure in his life, yet still he chose not to leave his living room couch, let alone the country.

After deciding that social media portrays a false narrative of people’s lives, Nix contemplated using Photoshop to construct a photo of himself at a random tourist destination. “I mean, let’s be real. In the end, it’s not really about where you go, it’s about where other people think you’ve gone and how you can make them feel bad about eating an entire bag of cheese puffs in one sitting, which I would never do.” However, Nix decided that creating a realistic photo in Photoshop was beyond his abilities.

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