Freshman Convinced They Found Soulmate During Welcome Week


Written by: Hanaa Moosavi

“There’s just something so amazing about an 18-year-old who knows how to use chopsticks,” said Chessit.
Photo by Jack Yang

First-year Brittany Chessit recently got into a relationship after she met fellow first-year Frankie Illis at Pines dining hall and experienced what she described as “love at first sight at the stirfry section.”

Chessit was reportedly searching UCSD’s campus for the best lunch spot where she could “hang with other pretty people and not look too unapproachable” when she ran into Illis.

“I didn’t notice him at first because I was just trying to see what options were being offered for lunch, but when I saw that they didn’t have quinoa as a base, I turned to walk away and saw that curly brown hair. At that point, I couldn’t be bothered with stirfry,” Brittany said while twirling her hair between her fingers. “I just, like, had to know him and talk to him. It was obviously my destiny to walk into Pines that day at that time and see him standing there. So I just marched up and put my hand down and introduced myself to him. If you are anything like me, confident and beautiful, then it really is not hard to introduce yourself and make an impression.”

Illis also contacted reporters to speak on the encounter. “I think she said her name was Brittany? I was down at Pines trying to get a bite to eat because the boys in my dorm and I finally had a break from howling around campus. I know it’s weird, but our frat brother Richie told us that we should howl to assert our dominance and let the ladies know we’re in the area, so we kinda had to do it for the brotherhood.” Illis continued, “I don’t really remember what she said after that, but she was hot, so I just invited her to join me back at the dorm with the boys. She didn’t end up coming, which was what- ever ‘cause Richie told us that when we get officially initiated into the brotherhood, we’ll be swimming in girls that wanna hang.”

“I mean like he totally asked me out that day,” said Chessit, “but I was with Christina and Patricia so like I totally couldn’t go with him. I mean I know I am super cool and it is really hard not to want to ask me out but I couldn’t just ditch the girls like that. After our shared three days in the Palace – that’s what we call our triple – we like totally have a blood bond with each other. What’s funny though is I didn’t see him after that. Like I told him about the girls and I turned to look at them and when I turned back, he was gone. I didn’t even get a chance to give him my Snap. And my bitmoji is like a spitting image of me so it’s ridiculously cute too!”

Illis has expressed interest in other women since the encounter. “Yeah so I met Roni at our freshman seminar about planets and how music can actually change the way you see astronomy. She told me our star signs were compatible and she’s in a sorority, so I asked her out.” When asked about the Brittany endeavour, Illis responded, “Oh, Brittany? I saw her at Pines the other day and dated her for a little while. I think we like decided we were in love, but, I mean then I saw Roni talking about Jupiter so…” Chessit reportedly plans to eat at Pines for the next two weeks in hopes of meeting Illis again.

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